Thursday, December 4, 2008

Surviving a Recession

I can't help but feel a bit anxious about the economy. My employer announced last month they would be laying off 5% of the workforce. Since I'm on maternity leave, I'm technically protected, they are forced to keep a spot for my return. Here's where it gets sticky. I think they can lay me off the day I get back though. 

So now I need to look for a new job before I'm due to go back. Hedging my bets I guess. How crappy would it be to return to work and be told you're laid off? And hey, if things improve at my employer and I feel safe to go back, I will. I do really like my job.

To get a jump start on networking, I've created a profile on LinkedIn and started adding everyone I know. The beauty of LinkedIn is that you can see your contacts' contacts. I've been taking note of who to hit up in a couple months. I also started Tweeting on Twitter because I work in Communications and I like to know how stuff works. Other than that, I've started brainstorming potential jobs and emailing old friends to research ideas. 

The good thing about a tricky economy is that I'll be more open to options. I'll be more willing to accept something that pays less but may be more satisfying. All my money will be going to childcare anyway so I should just do what I want.

What's going to be most important for surviving tough times will be my relationship with my husband. We have always been, annoyingly so, careful savers/spenders. We have regular chats about what we can and can't afford. Our regular financial evaluations help me, a complete worry wart stay calm. Anytime I'm feeling anxious he asks me why and I relax a little when I realize we don't have much to worry about. I also remember what my mom says "things will get better, they just will".


  1. LOL interesting analogy, but it does work. The recession really isn't that bad if you know where to look. The bailout money is spilling over to us believe it or not. I've done research and found that there is more money than what you think...

    Bailout Spillover

  2. You should double-check, as I do not think your employer needs to guarantee you a job in the case of lay-offs or restructuring. A fellow mom received word 8 months into her mat leave that the company was restructuring and her job was gone.

  3. That sucks!

    I can absolutely be laid off during general downsizing -

    I know that my company tries to avoid laying off people on maternity leave but if it happens, it happens.