Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Highway of Heroes

Yesterday I was driving home, dancing to the music on the radio (because it's a great way to unwind at the end of the day) and I noticed a collection of about 20 people overhead waving at the passing cars and carrying flags. I remembered that some Canadian soldiers had died recently and realized they must be coming home.

I couldn't stop thinking about them 'coming home' and how it wasn't the homecoming their family dreamt of, it kept playing in my head and then at the next overpass there was a collection of people, and again at the next overpass. Suddenly I couldn't stop crying. 

I don't personally know anyone serving overseas right now but I started thinking about these soldiers' families, my own family, and I was overwhelmed. I think it's because I'm a mom. I never really thought about my own mortality until I was a mom. 

Anyone else noticing more than wrinkles with age? Anyone been struck by the feeling that we won't live forever?

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  1. Totally!
    I remember the feeling a few days after giving birth. I actually had an anxiety attack about it. I started thinking about how I did not want to die because I wanted to see my child grow up.
    Before that, I never really thought about death.

    I can see how thinking about the soldiers' families would have moved you to tears.